Fabris Lane

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Brand Overview

Fabris Lane

Rod Lane and Mario Fabris began their careers in sunglasses in 1971 when they joined the Mazzucchelli Group in Italy. In 1982 Rod and Mario started their own sunglasses consultancy business, transferring Mazzuchelli's trademarks and stocks to Addis with whom they went into partnership. Addis provided finance, warehousing and distribution while Fabris Lane took care of design, manufacturing (Italy and the Far East), marketing and sales

The partnership prospered and by the late eighties had become Britain's largest sunglasses business.

In 1993 Fabris Lane formed their own complete sunglasses business, launching their own trademarks in 1994. The headquarters were set up at Chessington in Surrey, where the marketing, design and sales teams were united with the testing laboratory, warehousing, distribution and finance teams.