Jonathan Cate

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Brand Overview

Jonathan Cate

Some people who need vision correction are only concerned with comfort and durability. Others see eyewear as an opportunity to accentuate stylish fashions and treat eyeglasses like a fashion accessory. These are the people who desire eyeglasses and sunglasses from the Jonathan Cate eyewear boutique.

Incredibly sophisticated eyeglasses frames comprise this eyewear collection, and include extremely beautiful designs such as their rimless collection. Jonathan Cates also produces a “Rogue” collection of eyewear, and designs for children’s eyewear are available in the “Katykids” catalog.

Each of these fantastic designs in eyewear is an expression of beauty and style, and they are available in a gorgeous array of colors and shapes. Their sunwear line provides exemplary protection from harmful UV rays while lending a splash of style to your look. Beautiful eyeglasses and sunglasses from the Jonathan Cate eyewear boutique give the wearer a sense of pride and confidence in their appearance.