Tuscany is a specialty eyewear company in the United States that distributes high quality eyeglasses in the USA, Canada, South America, and the Caribbean Islands. In addition to offering their own line of eyewear, the company is the only distributor of Porsche eyeglasses in North America.

When you choose to purchase Tuscany eyewear from your optometrist, you will have a choice of materials. You could choose "memory flex", which is a metal that will stand rough treatment. This type of metal can be bent and will return to its original shape. Other material options for your eyeglasses include metal, stainless steel, titanium, and plastic. You can choose from a variety of stylish colors as well. Tuscany eyewear focuses less on passing trends or fads and more on creating a classic, attractive look that will never go out of style. You will feel comfortable wearing your eyeglasses when you schedule a business meeting at work, when you go to lunch with your friends, or when you relax on the weekends with the family.

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