Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix designs clothes that are glamorous, expensive-looking, and unapologetically dramatic. Such an aesthetic implored fame on the French label, which eventually came to epitomize the eighties through the designer's use of sumptuous fabrics (velvet, satin, taffeta) and overlapping patterns (patchwork, stripes), all of which left buyers clamoring for more.

However, for such a momentous name in fashion, Lacroix fell into the industry by chance, as he spent his childhood in Arles, France and enjoyed attending bullfighting events, and then went on to study art history with dreams of becoming a museum curator or costume designer. Yet, he was destined for high fashion.

Lacroix's ready-to-wear line followed fast in 1988. His accessories line was developed in 1989. Lacroix now has stores in New York, London, Geneva and Japan and continues to work in theatre design as well as fashion.

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