ModaFrames FAQ – think of it as a friendly chat with a pal who just happens to know a lot about eyewear!

Product Information

Does ModaFrames.com sell eyeglasses with prescription lenses?
Are the frames you sell authentic?
What types of frames are available at ModaFrames.com?
What types of lenses can I get with my frames from ModaFrames.com?
Do I need to know my pupillary distance (PD) to choose glasses?
Does eyewear come with a warranty?

Ordering and Payments

What payment methods are accepted at ModaFrames.com?
How secure are payments through your site?
What is ModaFrames.com's approach to price matching?
Is an account created when ordering from ModaFrames.com?

Shipping and Returns

What shipping options are available?
How can I track my ModaFrames.com order?
What if I'm not home for my delivery from ModaFrames.com?
What is the return policy at ModaFrames.com?
Do you charge restocking fees for returns?

Customer Service and Support

How can I contact customer service?
Where can I find additional information on products and services?

At ModaFrames.com, we are committed to offering high-quality eyewear and exceptional customer service. Should you have any further questions or need assistance, our customer support team is readily available to ensure your satisfaction.

- Thank you for choosing ModaFrames.com for your eyewear needs.