The brand Esprit was born way back in 1968 when Susie and Doug Tompkins started selling Esprit clothes in San Francisco. Esprit offers luxury personal products at affordable prices.

In the early seventies, Esprit moved on to launch seven product lines incorporated under the Esprit de Corp name. It had also spread across the Far East. The late seventies witnessed Esprit getting its most famous three bar ā€œEā€ logo, designed by John Casado. In the late eighties, Esprit opened its stores in Germany, Taiwan, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

Today, Esprit products are sold across 5 continents and 44 countries. It is estimated to have more than 630 freestanding stores and over 9,700 wholesale customers. Esprit manufactures more than 20,000 products every year for each of its 11 product lines for women, men and kids. Esprit is also a leading manufacturer of accessories and a variety of license and life style products including clothes, shoes, watches, and handbags.

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