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Brand Overview


Enjoy eyewear emphasises the individuality and the personality of the wearer and impressively demonstrates that wearing spectacles is no longer a handicap, but rather an expression of the wearer's own self-assurance and style. enjoy.eyewear. The name says it all.

Enjoy an outfit, feel good and be confident that you are wearing the latest fashion in eyewear. If you believe that fashion does not end with your trousers or T-shirt, you are sure to 'enjoy' enjoy.eyewear.

The eyeglasses and sunglasses are for a young and dynamic target group that knows what it wants. A modern design and high-quality finish at a fantastic price.

This unique line was designed and manufactured by Rodenstock. Rodenstock has been an innovation leader in the area of ophthalmic optics for more than 140 years. Many years of research knowledge, superb craftsmanship, precise cutting and intelligent technology go into their products. You can expect nothing less than a true masterpiece of precision – in terms of material, function and design. Enjoy by Rodenstock is a rare find, the line was discontinued and is no longer being made.